April 8, 2014

Winton and Detroit Ave. Lakewood, OH

Ringing bells from
A dramatic Catholic church
Cloak generations of kids
Tossing snowballs at passing buses
Nuns adorned with rosaries and
Irish drunks cursed with red cheeks
Pray for the Tribe
A hazy head shop
Wholesome hobby store and
The 7 a.m. barber crowd
Pay homage to eras past
All while Lake Erie
Keeps a close watch
On my block

Ryan Rowland
April 2014

February 28, 2014


I went for a stroll down the narrow path. My bloodshot eyes finally mustered up the courage to gaze out from behind my decrepit eyelids.

A fork in the road…

I glanced left. What if you do?
I glanced right. What if you don’t?

Fuck that… I’ll take the subway.


February 23, 2014

Words for the Soul

It’s the beauty of the unknown which drives me. What keeps me from ripping my oily hair out of my spinning head. That mystery, and acceptance of that mystery, is what keeps me coming back for more. My thirst; never quenched. So I head to the refrigerator to fill up my glass.


February 20, 2014

My Perception

I’ve come to realize that reality exists only through the windows to soul. The reality I’ve come to know is made of systems. Systems which interact with other systems. My fingers mesh with my keyboard. Click. Click. Click. My feet squish into my rubbery yoga mat. My sweat splashes on the overly sanitized hardwood. My eyes gaze into the endless darkness. Was it the sky or my mind? Same difference. Nothing really exists or matters unless if I perceive it to exist. So as I sit here and type I wonder. I perceive. My reality.


February 3, 2014

Inner Bliss

As I went deeper into the abyss And into the darkness I did not hear. Nor did I see. But felt. For I was still. Silent.

My breath ran down my bones and into the spaces of my soul. Bones chilling. Tingling.

And at that moment I knew I was.


-Robby Parris, 2014

January 6, 2014

The Good Men

   I’m not particularly interested or inspired by much of anything other than the thoughts of good men. I like to hear their stories. I know before they talk that their pasts are ones filled with failures, doubts, regrets, and loss. I know that the good men are the ones who will admit and even focus on these setbacks, because they are aware that this is where the gold is harvested. Aside from any of their worldly accomplishments the good men realize that these struggles are what made them rich and confident. I know the good men when they look at me in the eye as they talk to me, because they are speaking the truth. The truth when told by the good men is never lavish, and often times may seem ugly taken at face value. However, when the good men finish their meal and stand up from the table, there is a beautiful moment of silence that radiates from that truth that has been spoken. When I listen to the good men speak, I hear recurring themes that could be easily confused as redundant repetition. I understand, however, that good men live habitual lives based on a few solid principles. This foundation has often caused conflict and produced negativity from others in their lives, but the good men are able to sleep at night. The good men can rationalize their defeats and savor the victories completely, knowing that they were in control by not wavering from their principles. I ask the good men questions. They pause and listen, sometimes saying nothing at all. The good men understand that each person has their own intricate web of strife. They never claim to have a specific remedy or formula for greatness and success. The good men understand that greatness and success are subjective, manifested in many different ways. If anything, the good men recommend to revert back to core principles. The good men always suggest to stay the course. Some of the good men that I know have been blessed with material bounty, others have not. Neither of these factions place much value in it. They know that their reward comes from within. This kind of dogma has been read for thousands of years in the ancient scriptures of many sects, and preached on pulpits by clergy and on street corners by fanatics. In the year 2014 it is more relevant to watch the good men spread the word through their actions. I ask myself, what are my core principles? I hope one day to be one of the good men.

Ryan Rowland

January 2014

January 3, 2014

Coffin Cornered

I sitted and waited
I waited and sitted
Bugs nipped at my leg
My Body was rigid
But I didn’t mind
As time passed me by
Not much I could do
I was buried alive!

-Robby Parris 2014

January 3, 2014

Greatness is a Choice

Things come and go.
Seasons change.
Look around.
Things stay the same.
A little Love.
Is all we need.
Lift ourselves.
Plant the seed.
Let us dance.
In the rain.
Let us sing.
Through our pain
Let us laugh.
With our hearts.
It’s up to us.
To become Great.

Robby – Jan ’14

January 1, 2014

It’s a new day

I stepped outside just the other day. With a million things standing in my way.

It’s a new day.

The eyes in the back, in the back of of my head. Couldn’t see my plans. I’ve been planning ahead.

It’s a new day.

So hold on tight. Enjoy the ride. Seize the day then we’ll burn the night.

It’s a new day.

Baby, don’t look back. It’s the perfect time. Yesterday’s gone. We can make it shine. Today.

Oh, yea. It’s a new day.

Pack your bags. And come with me. Live our lives if we just believe…

Cause it’s a new day.

- Robby, New Years Day 14′

December 31, 2013

Between the Cushions

I jump around
From couch to couch
Like kangaroos
From pouch to pouch
I spend a night
Maybe a day
Running around
To find my way
I sit and type
I call in trades
So Some might say
I seize the day
But all the while
I look at me
And wonder what
Makes me… Happy
Time alone?
Making money?
Lunch with a friend?
Oh, could it be?
I’m not quite sure
What life will bring
I guess that’s why
Life’s a journey
So on this couch
I find myself
Searching within
For no one else

-Robby, New Years Eve 13′